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  About Us

The Eiffel Tower jewels Paris, the Buckingham Palace magnifies London, the Statue of Liberty adorns the beauty of New York, so what is that makes Mumbai so special? The answer is inevitably the People of Mumbai.

Explore Mumbai is a unique idea by itself. We are just not another tour operator, but a group of people who wish to make you experience the true essence of Mumbai. India is known for its hospitality and we have ventured into making you feel the same warmth.

Mumbai is a city infused with spirits. Nothing at all seems to wash away the exuberance of this city, not even the blues. Mumbai is a landmass comprising 7 islands which took over 60 years to be joined into one; back in the 18th century. Mumbai was the limelight for foreign rulers, may it be the English or the Portuguese.

Being the most populous and alive city of India, Mumbai by itself turns out to be in the top destinations for tourism. Mumbai does not home the magnanimous cliffs, or the stupendous national glory, but what it has is its unique benevolence.

Being the most impossible blend of all the corners of India, it truly is the Gateway of India. From the delicacies of the south, to the culture of the west, to the heritage of the east, to being the financial capital Mumbai has proved its increasing popularity.

Mumbai is neither about it's architecture nor about visitor's marvels, its about what we locally call the Amchi Mumbai. Being visited by thousands of foreigners each year and ranking amongst one of the favorite city for tourism MUMBAI heartedly welcomes you.

Why Us ?

Probably you would wonder why you should opt for a guided tour when everything is available on maps and on the website – the only answer to this is – the taste of the pudding is in eating it and NOT just viewing it.

Our main idea behind Explore Mumbai was to make you a part of Mumbai, treat you'll like Mumbaikars and not just as another Visitor. We thrive to help you experience the City of Spirits – Mumbai!

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city of PEOPLE and we want you to meet them!

We are unique in ways of the tours, which is a platter full of your choice from the buffet – eaten in your own preferred manner.

We Wholeheartedly Welcome You to MUMBAI!!