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A perfect destination for shopaholics! No matter what your pocket size is, shoppers in Mumbai will not return home disappointed. Famous brands from around the world to the exquisite craftsmanship of the local artists, all find their homes in Mumbai.

Shopping in Mumbai is not as easy as shopping anywhere else in this world. You have to be prudent enough to realize the actual cost, credibility as well as the originality of the product you choose. We hope to help you with the same.

On the Clock

An Average of 90 minutes to cover all the typical shopping arcades of Mumbai. (Subject to changes depending on the shopaholic inside you).

From Your Pocket

500 (Exclusive of your personal expenses)


We will explain how the handicrafts are woven into those beautiful items and also make you meet many such artisans.

Our Suggestion

Keep currency change in your wallet and visit the bank before coming!