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  Midtown Madness

It is surprising how after all the strenuous work the city of Mumbai can go bizarre after the sun sets. Crazy pubs, amazing night drives, the fact that Mumbai never sleeps excites the adrenaline in everyone.

Amidst the cool nights of Mumbai lies different madness' throughout. Varying from Pubs, Beer Bars, Dance Floors and Night Drives around Marine Drive.

On the Clock
Subjected to changes depending on your level of craziness.

From Your Pocket
750 (Exclusive of the entry fees at any particular pubs or clubs)

We have tie ups with most of the clubs and ensure enteries in 90% of the cases without any booking issues or any other such problems....also Special Discounted Rates are available.

Pre- book your taxi to go to your hotel (we could help you in the same ) and be careful of the fare you pay them (if you choose to book by yourself).