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Mumbai is the perfect commingle of art from all over India, may it be graceful statues from the south, or the modern art of the north. Art lovers can indulge themselves from the stupendous Elephanta Caves to the staggering art collection of Jehangir Art Gallery.

This Tour could be best categorized into a walking tour. The three main places in this tour all lay on the same street at a walk able distance of 5 minutes each.

Best Time To Take this tour

February as the classical Kala Ghoda Fair is held then every year.

On the Clock

An average of 2 hours, subjected to changes depending on your interests.

From Your Pocket

750/- (exclusive of the museum tickets)



The museum tickets will be handed to you at the beginning of the tour, which can save your valuable time.*


Our Suggestion :

This Tour can be well combined with the Heritage Tour for a wholesome experience.


*Audio Guides are available in 6 different languages: English, Hindi, French, German, Japnese and Spanish.